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  1. mhodges46
    Greetings, all!
  2. deford
    deford jwalkerb
    He buddy...good to see you here...
  3. Eric
    It's a new day!
  4. Eric
    Feeling chipper!
  5. Maxximus13
    I've had that If not I'll Try it
  6. MikesBox330
    MikesBox330 Eric
    Hi there. Cool site and cool app! I don't know if this is the right place to post this, but somehow my bday was saved incorrectly (though I don't remember seeing a bday screen or choice). The fine print says contact admin which I assume means you. If not, could you forward this to the right person and change my bday to read 09/29/72? Much thanks!
  7. goldwing_pilot
  8. alabery
    Scotch and cigars are a gift from heaven!!!
  9. Cierainhah
  10. Rocker
  11. Rocker
    Just Joined yesterday trying to figure this site out lol.
  12. Zberg
    Fine cigar and whiskey fan! Love talking smokes and drinks! Cheers
  13. AndyMicawect
  14. AndyMicawect
  15. Ky Bourbon
    Ky Bourbon
    Kentucky..... A great state to live in if you happen to like Bourbon. Oh and how I love Bourbon...
  16. KY PAUL
    Kentucky, what a great state to live in if you love Bourbon....... an oh how I love Bourbon
  17. TraderScott
    I wanna go back to the Islands.
  18. tgrantjr5757
    Using Tapatalk
  19. YDZ
    YDZ jabacon
    Hey you dirty SOB, think you're fancy meeting ole Jimmy Russel do ya?
  20. nathan.brooks
    Using Tapatalk

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