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Ezra Zion Tantrum PA (Passive Aggressive) - Review

Discussion in 'Cigar Database' started by 302JH, Aug 21, 2014.

  1. 302JH

    302JH Cigar, whiskey, & beer boss
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    Nov 14, 2013
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    Here is a review I did for the Cigar Federation on the New Ezra Zion - Tantrum PA. (pictured on the right)

    Before I begin my review, let me start with a “Tantrum” of sorts. This past February I discovered the original release of the Tantrum (presando pequeno). I recall it like it was yesterday. I was at Cigar-ette City, the Peoples Plaza (Newark, DE) location of Gary Griffiths many walk-in humidors. I spotted the Tantrum, grabbed one and cupped this little vitola in my hand and thought, “How cute.” Gary explained it was currently Ezra Zion’s number one selling cigar. So it’s a no brainer, I grabbed one and later that evening smoked it. I never did a read up on the Tantrum to see what to expect; I just trusted Gary’s word. Well here is my official complaint and it has to do with the naming of this cigar. I personally would have named it “Sucker Punch!" Better yet I would have named it “Midget Punch to the Nuts!!!” (Hopefully I did not offend any little people with that statement.) I was not expecting such raw power, strength and flavor from this little vitola. It was a surprise out of left field and a mouth full of awesomeness! Well enough of my silly rant and let’s get to the PA.
    The PA is featured in a 6.5x44 vitola and priced right around $10. The wrapper is Nicaraguan Corojo with Nicaraguan filler and binder. It has a nice milky brown wrapper which is a shade or two lighter than the original Tantrum. The box press on this cigar is also a bit cleaner than the original. The wrapper and foot have a nice sweetness to it. [​IMG]
    1st third: Upon lighting the cigar I am greeted with a sweet earthy, vegetal note with a mild creaminess. By no means does this cigar start off like the original Tantrum, with a punch in the teeth. The PA is pleasant and silky on the palate, and certainly more refined. As the 1st third progresses, a sweet nutty note presents itself with an unusual delicious floral flavor. I noticed immediately that this is going to be a slow burning cigar, and I’m delighted because all that means is that my enjoyment will last that much longer. Middle of the 1st third, wood and spice join the party and create a really enjoyable complexity. The retrohale delivers a savory sweet and spice element. So far the strength on this cigar is medium bodied and all the flavors have balanced out and are all playing equal parts. The ash is a light gray and fell just before the entrance of the 2nd third.
    [​IMG] 2nd third: The smoke comes off my tongue with smoothness but adds a little spice zing towards the end. I’m starting to pick up subtle increases of pepper with each puff I take. I am really enjoying the sweet floral note that dances on the peripheral of my palate. The retrohale in this third has more of a cedar note, but it’s not abrasive. I am starting see why this cigar was dubbed “Passive Aggressive” – the flavors are starting to weigh a little more on my palate and they are becoming more developed with a longer finish with out picking up significant strength. The sweet nuttiness that was present in the 1st third has taken a step back letting the floral spice and wood take the lead. The retrohale towards the end of this third has switched gears and turned into a interesting mineral and spice. Talk about complexity!
    Final third: The spice note has manifested itself into the graham cracker/ ginger bread cookie and its paired with some mild sweet earthiness. Yum! The final third has picked up considerably in strength and has become more of a medium plus to a full-bodied cigar. Just past the initial onset of this third, I picked up a charred wood and a slight coffee profile, but the graham cracker note is still in the driver seat. During this third the wrapper started to canoe on me a bit so I touched it up to correct the burn line. The retrohale in this third has a nice peppery zing. Towards the middle of this third the cigar is burning a bit hot, but that can be expected with a smaller ring gauge towards the end.
    Final thoughts: Now the PA didn’t have the same pop as the original Tantrum, but it delivered big time with great flavors, complexity and impeccable construction. The best way I can describe this cigar would be to say that if the original Tantrum and the Blessed Leaf Kairos got themselves a raunchy hotel room and made a baby… nine months later they would have a baby called Tantrum PA. The PA has the bold flavor characteristics of the Tantru, yet balanced with the elegantly smooth profile of the Blessed Leaf Kairos. Think I’m going to have nickname this cigar #CreamyJesus.
    This cigar is ManAngel approved and I gave it a 91 rating.
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  2. jdmitch

    jdmitch Cigar, whiskey, & beer boss
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    Oct 24, 2013
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    Gotta find some of those. Prefer a smaller RG

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