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IMPORTANT!!! Read this before posting in this forum.

Discussion in 'Beer Database' started by Eric, Oct 7, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    The Beer Database has a very specific function. It will serve as a running journal or dossier of all the craft beer we have tasted (as a community). The ultimate goal is to have a conversation place for every craft beer that our community has tried.

    Before you post a new type of beer listing PLEASE SEARCH to make sure a topic doesn't already exist. There should only be ONE THREAD TOPIC PER CRAFT BEER. If the beer you have tried already has an existing thread then simply respond to that thread with your own thoughts and images.

    Title: The title of threads in the Beer Database section should be the name of the beer. For instance "Nitro Milk Stout".

    Content: The first post in each thread of the Beer Database should have at least some info about the beer and a picture or two. If you don't have detailed info at your disposal just add what you know and other community members can add more info to the thread later. The most important thing is that you title the thread accurately.

    After the opening post has been made the community can begin to respond and give their thoughts on each beer.

    Example Thread: Stone IPA

    A note on Pictures and images. Please DO NOT upload any pictures or images that are not your own material. It is wrong to steal other peoples images and republish them. Also, please try to take good quality images (especially for the opening post). We want our community journal to look nice! You can include several images in the opening post as well as subsequent posts.

    Freeform beer discussion. If you want to merely talk about craft beer please use the "beer discussion" forum.
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