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Quick overview of the IveHadThat app and website.

Discussion in 'Housekeeping' started by Eric, Nov 24, 2013.

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    Oct 2, 2013
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    Here is a super quick overview of how this site/app works.

    Cigars, Whiskey, and Craft Beer each have 2 forums. One forum for general discussion on those topics and one for cataloging specific cigars, whiskey, and craft beer that you have tried.

    Therefore... if you have had a cigar and want to share what it was like with the community add it here (always check to see if it has already been added. If a topic for that cigar already exists merely add your thoughts to that existing thread).

    On the other hand you are looking to discuss cigar related topics in general use the "Humidor" section for that.

    Whiskey and Craft Beer are setup similarly.

    Site map....

    Cigar Database | The Humidor - Cigar Discussion

    Whiskey Database | The Cabinet - Whiskey Discussion

    Beer Database | The Fridge - Craft Beer Discussion
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