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Tatuaje Pudgy Monster: Chuck

Discussion in 'Cigar Database' started by WVbeergeek, Sep 10, 2014.

  1. WVbeergeek

    WVbeergeek Owns man cave
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    Dec 7, 2013
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    Tatuaje Pudgy Monsters 2014

    Chuck Pudgy Monster from Tatuaje

    Hey folks this is my first go at this:
    ImageUploadedByIve Had That1410409731.052383.jpg
    Construction is nearly perfect with tightly rolled seams, packed tightly throughout you won’t find a soft spot in this chubby, (I mean pudgy) stogie from Pete Johnson and company!

    The band mimics the colors found on Chuckie’s blue overalls and red hued undershirt…I love the creativity!

    Cold draw tested after barely snipping the first cap, I test the draw to a perfect flow of air coming through and the flavors of earth, barnyard, and gracious grassy hay notes.

    Initial puff brings out spices, perfume like character, roasted nuts, and dank earth this is some complex smoke character from the first flame of this stick. Retrohale brings black pepper with finesse mild burn with grape and stone fruit vinous notes in the back of the throat this is pure excellence in motion when it comes to the balance between strength and aggressive flavorful big Nicaraguan tobacco notes.
    ImageUploadedByIve Had That1410409799.357673.jpg
    In addition the smell is so exponentially good when it comes to a lit cigar in the room there is this aromatic quality that hits the senses in every direction from the heavily aromatic incense quality to the big perfume like notes, just think of musk, earthy, Indian food spice additions. This is high quality small batch tobacco that you likely won’t find it’s characteristics anywhere else, which really portrays the perfect collaboration that Pete Johnson has with the Don “Pepin” Garcia empire in Esteli’ Nicaragua.
    ImageUploadedByIve Had That1410409850.868671.jpg
    The second 3rd of this stick offers up more exotic spice I’ve never met in tobacco until this smoke came across my palate. Such an epic mix of spice, black pepper, and earthy nutty notes that work in complete harmony not to mention that the construction is rock solid the ash is holding on for dear life with no worries of dropping the ash in my lap at this point in the smoke, at this point it’s burning razor sharp just enjoy it.

    Thankfully the strength found in the initial 1/3 is starting to letdown just enough to make this more and more enticing with each puff. Transitions at this point are subtle, and allow for more effortless enjoyment of this complex and small but mighty Tatuaje rookie monster known by the nomenclature of Chuck! I get more aromatic earthy tobacco, full on spice, with subtle pepper notes at this point.

    Final third sadly just before the transition begins the ash falls gracefully almost into my lap, now we are smoking! Nearing the band let’s see how easily I can get this band off, while smoking this complex and exciting addition to the Tatuaje monster series I’m careful to slowly remove the band, which comes off with ease never affecting the burn or construction of this stick.

    Slow graceful puffs reveal more complex roasted nuts, white pepper, your sneeze reflex might get stimulated without worries the strength has dialed into a solid medium to full no nausea or signs of nicotine overdose and the razor sharp burn makes all efforts seem worthwhile at this point. In the finish of the cigar in that money spot (when you don’t want it to end) I’m picking up a soothing cedar wood note that soothes the palate so nicely.
    ImageUploadedByIve Had That1410409913.474373.jpg
    Beverage pairings for a cigar of this caliber with these characteristics I’ll tell the beer drinker to grab an IPA with tropical fruit for this situation I’d go with the Citra hop heavy Brew Kettle’s White Rajah IPA, if you’re a bourbon drinker I’d go for a spicy rye based Basil Hayden, and finally for you refined wine drinkers something red and balanced between tannins and dark fruit…I’d suggest a spicy Puro Uno Malbec Limitado from Mendoza one of the greatest wine growing regions of Argentina.

    If non-alcoholic beverages are you’re bag no worries a roasty/nut heavy Ethiopian coffee, a heavy tannic black tea, or micro brewed ginger ale will pair perfectly. This cigar is so flavor heavy it will pair perfectly with nearly any beverage…these are simply my recommendations! If it tastes good choose it and please report back if you find something that worked for you, that I didn’t think to consider.

    The Smoke Cigar Lounge rating system gives this a 92/100.
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    BOYSCOUT More than a n00b

    Sep 9, 2014
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    Thank you enjoyed review
  3. jdmitch

    jdmitch Cigar, whiskey, & beer boss
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    Oct 24, 2013
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    We'll done!
  4. Scott P.

    Scott P. Had way too much
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    Nov 15, 2013
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    Great review!
  5. MaduroLancero

    MaduroLancero More than a n00b

    Aug 6, 2015
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    I've had that! Nuts, earth, and pepper for me. Nice review.

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