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Other Tincup American Whiskey

Discussion in 'Whiskey Database' started by jabacon, Jul 22, 2014.

  1. jabacon

    jabacon Had too much
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    May 6, 2014
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    A new one from Colorado, distilled out of great Lawrenceburg, IN. It is then sent to Colorado to have some wonderful mountain water added to it to cut it to a gentle yet satisfying 84 proof. The people creating this weren't trying for a show stopping bottle but wanted to produce an affordable go-to bottle.

    Nose: lots of those wonderful sweet, creamy and little dark flavors: vanilla, butterscotch...

    Taste: big cinnamon spice to start. The high rye coming through. Smooth caramels to finish. A little thin at the end, doesn't have much lasting power, but it is only an upper $20s bottle.

    I definitely enjoyed it. They hit there mark good for the money. I have other favorites for that price point but still a great high rye whiskey for the money.

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